Privacy Policy

In this section of privacy policy will tell you how collect, store, process and use your information. The right of making changes in the privacy policy is reserved for us. So we request you to visit our privacy policy time to time to keep yourself updated about its changes.

Cookies and other technologies we use

The information puts in your hard disk by website is known as cookies. Cookies basically inform us about your preferences when you use a particular site. This information s not just limited to the links you clicked also related to pages you view, your location, your IP address, time and date you have visited

We use cookies in running ads, campaign, for the following:

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  • Google

Does disclose information of clients to third party?

  • At each of our representatives, who process your request, works under strict confidentiality agreement.
  • The payments you sent for doing your tasks are handled by PayPal. We have collaboration with PayPal for handling payments. So all the information related to your credit or debit is secured with PayPal only.
  •  We do not share our customer’s personal information with any third party.
  • If any of the information about our customer is demands by law or court then we have all right to disclose the information for legal proceeding.
  • We do not pass the information related to our expert to third party.